SUIS Hongqiao Campus opened its doors to 60 students in September 2003 and we now have a community of over 900 students – and growing!


SUIS Hongqiao Campus is in the Minhang district, for students from PR to Grade 5 . After completion of Grade 5 the students continue to our sister school in the Gubei district. SUIS Hongqiao campus is part of the Xiehe Organisation – a group of 40 bilingual schools across Shanghai.


SUIS Hongqiao Campus is not a foreign-owned school, providing a foreign curriculum. It is part of the local community, and we aim to provide our students with two high-grade educational components – An English-rich, bilingual, truly international curriculum through the IB Primary Years and the Chinese (Mandarin) language.  Students at SUIS enjoy the best of both worlds.