Dear Parents and Children,

Shanghai United International was established in 2003, with an “East Meets West” philosophy as its foundation.

Without a doubt, parents are aware that any school that involves the mixing of Eastern and Western cultures will face many challenges. Our journey is full of challenges, successes, twists and turns. However, this is what we have been dealing with every day for the past 14 years. We firmly believe that this journey will end in success. With ten years of exploration and practice, our students’ success is not only reflected in academics, but also in collaboration, communication skills and logical thinking. These skills are cultivated so that they develop a caring attitude for others while developing a desire to protect the environment. Our students continue to be inquirers while their ability to take ownership over their learning grows. They take responsibility for themselves and their academics. Their motivation and confidence increases year after year, proving their maturity to their parents. It is proven that learning has brought them endless happiness. I believe that these cornerstones of learning have been deeply absorbed by Xiehe students’ and we are helping them to be the best they can be!

I am so honored and proud to be a member of Xiehe from its establishment through all stages of our development. We will continue to move forward and innovate in order for our students to have a bright future!


Linda DU

Principal, SUIS Hongqiao Campus