Adhering to the concept of harmonious development while following our philosophy of ‘East meets West’ , the Pioneer Curriculum, on the basis of proper implementation of the national education policy, provides students with a wealth of choices through the modular curriculum design of East Meets West, cultivating future successors with six Xiehe characteristics including learning ability, bilingual communication, core competence, virtue and wisdom, rational and emotional understanding, collaboration and adaptability.



SUIS Hongqiao Pioneer Curriculum maintains a rigorous teaching style while reasonably introducing elements of international education, expanding the depth and breadth of learning, and laying a solid academic foundation for students. English, inquiry, science, music, sports, and arts are all taught by Chinese and foreign teachers to promote the comprehensive improvement of students’ Chinese and English abilities. Dozens of rich and interesting extra curricula such as baseball, golf, Lego, karate, and more, focus on cultivating and motivating students ‘hobbies and satisfying students’ personalized development.



The exchanges between students and both Chinese and foreign teachers within a multicultural atmosphere have cultivated children’s excellent character of respect and tolerance, and various practical activities have provided students with a variety of platforms for performance and growth. Previous graduates from Pioneer Curriculum achieved excellent grades with the ability to choose multiple pathways for further studies.


SUIS Hongqiao Pioneer Curriculum has a high-quality team of teaching professionals, of whom nearly 50% have been teaching for more than 10 years, some of them are Municipal-level and district-level awarding winning teachers in Shanghai and first prize winners of national and local teaching evaluation awards. Foreign teachers also go through a rigorous screening, have international teaching qualifications, are professionally dedicated and love Chinese culture. The team, comprised of Chinese and foreign teaching professionals, has continuously absorbed excellent education and teaching concepts, and has a strong teaching and research atmosphere. A number of educational research projects led by HM Inspector are also ongoing in our school. It is the common goal of SUIS teachers to respect differentiation and provide individualized education so that each student can achieve healthy and comprehensive development. Pioneer class teachers have been committed to differentiated teaching and learning research and practice for many years. Now this Municipally-recognized research project has achieved its fruitful results and will help every student in their learning journey.